Jeggred Baenre

Half Drow Half Demon devote follower of Lolth


Kinetic: 4
Faith: 1
Psychic: 2

Res: 260

CRD: 6
RSP: 6
HLT: 5
VIT: 10
MUS: 14
STM: 6
CHR: 2
WLP: 4
RSN: 3
SAN: 10
INT: 4
PER: 6
APP: 2
SIZE: 26

Acute Hearing
Acute Sight
Acute Smell
Berserk 2 Trigger: Blasphemy Quenthel can calm him
BloodLust 2
Clumsy Hands 4: -8 CS to handle weapons of any type
Conviction 4
Good luck
Iron Will 4
Magic Resistant: +4 to resist fire, electrical, and frost magic
Masterful Hunter: Humanoid
Natural Armor: +15PV
Starlight Vision
Survival Instinct: Finds food naturally
Thermo Vision


Camouflage 2+1
Familiarity: Natural 3+2
Climbing 4+4
Etiquette: Nobility 4+2
Grapple 4+4
Jumping 4+4
Running 4+4
Literacy: Feylous 4
Language: Feylous 4
Melee 4+4
Stealth 2+1
Tracking 4+1


Lore: Nobility4
Lore: Under Dark 1
Lore: Dark religion 4
Lore: Occult 2


Claws 2am 9BD
Bite 3am 10BD
Maul 1am 6BD +2DMG (requires successful grapple)


Jeggred Baenre: Son of Triel and the demon Belshazu, Jeggred is a Draegloth, half Drow half Demon. Though physically massive and full of feral strength, Jeggred is lacking in reasoning skills. His dedication to his Mistress and Lolth however is uncanny, and is often the only thing that abates his blood lust. Jeggred is sent along on Quenthel’s journey in order to protect her and ensure Triel’s interests on their journey.

He is a blunt instrument

Jeggred Baenre

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