Pharaun Mizzrym

Egotistical Powerful Drow Mage


Drow Elf (Party Annalist/Quartermaster)
0ap 0cp 0Silver

Magic: 4
Faith: 0
Synergy: 20
Res: Enc: Ages:
CRD: 4 (+1 racial)
RSP: 4
HLT: 4
VIT: 10
MUS: 4
STM: 4
CHR: 6
WLP: 10
RSN: 10
SAN: 5
INT: 4
PER: 6
APP: 8


Acute Hearing
Acute Sight
Shadow Affinity
AP to Manna Exchange 1:10
Danger Sense
Good luck
Iron Will: 2
Occult Reservoir: 3
Released Potential +4
Sharp memory
Starlight Vision
Thermal Vision
Toughened: 2

Negative Traits
Selective Digestion


Botany 5+3
Camouflage 1+1
Cryptography 10+2
Empathy 2+2
Etiquette: Drow Nobility 4+2
Evasion 1+1
Illustration 10+1
Inscription 10+3
Language: Feylous 2+2
Language: Demonic 5+2
Literacy: Inscription 5+2
Lore: Drow Cultures 2+2
Lore: Occult 10+1
Lore: Under Dark 2+2
Manna Sense 10+3
Mathematics 10+3
Medical Aid 1+3
Meditation 10+2
Melee 1
Propel 1+3
Shoot 1
Sorcery 10+2
Stealth 1+1
Riding 3


Lore (brief history): Pharaun is a Master of Sorcere and the only noble son of House Mizzrym. Pharaun was recently cast out of Sorcere due to sacrificing seven pupils to gain an untold amount of power. Pharaun tries to keep the limits of his abilities close to the vest, only casting what is required. This causes others to under-estimate him constantly, which he takes full advantage of. He is as close as friends can be considered to Drow with Ryld Argith. His quick wit and sharp tongue often annoy female Drow enough to attempt kill him several times but never have they succeeded.

Pharaun Mizzrym

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