Quenthel Baenre

Party Leader and Arch High Priestess of Lolth


Kinetic: 4

Magic: 0

Faith: 4

Psychic: 1
Res: Enc: Age:

CRD: 6
RSP: 6
HLT: 6
VIT: 10
MUS: 8
STM: 4
CHR: 4
WLP: 10
RSN: 7
SAN: 8
INT: 10
PER: 6
APP: 6
SIZE: 10

Armor Use 4
Conviction: 6
Danger sense1 +3(snake heads)
Kinetic Faculty 2
Equipment 5
Iron Will 3
Good Luck
Thermo Vision
Manna Pool +2
Sharp Memory

Armor Use:4
Climbing 2+2
Etiquette: Nobility 4+2
Familiarity: Whips/Maces
Fend 4
Evasion 4
Jumping 2+2
Running 2+2
Literacy: Feylous 4+1
Language: Feylous 4+3
Melee 4+2
Camouflage 2
Stealth 2+2
Riding 3


Lore: Nobility 4 1
Lore: Under Dark 1
Lore: Dark religion 4+1
Lore: Occult 8+1


Quenthel is the third daughter of Yvonnel Baenre, sister to Matron Mother Triel Baenre and Mistress of Arach-Tinilith, Menzoberranzan’s school for educating priestess’ of Lolth. Killed by Drizzt Do’Urden near the end of the attempted Drow invasion of Mythral Hall, Quenthel was resurrected by Lolth and sent back to Menzobarranzan to serve as the Mistress of Arach-Tinilith. She is the highest ranking person in the party, not only in profession but in Drow society. Therefore she treats everyone in the party as pawns to be moved and placed.

As an elder member of her house Quenthel was given access to the scroll vault and allow to take what she believed would be needed for any occasion.

2x Scroll of Greater Healing +45Res
3x Scroll of Elemental Fury 120 magic DMG 10M radius on target
2x Scroll of Greater Refresh Party +30Res
Potion of Confession
Potion of Resurrection
2x Potion of Lesser Healing +10Res

Quenthel Baenre

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