Ryld Argith

Master of Melee


Kinetic: 4
Chi: 50

Magic: 0
Manna: 0

Faith: 0
Synergy: 40

Psychic: 2
Cohesion: 30
Res:100 Enc:120 Age: 85

CRD: 10
RSP: 10
HLT: 6
VIT: 10
MUS: 12
STM: 6
CHR: 3
WLP: 6
RSN: 4
SAN: 4
INT: 6
PER: 6
APP: 3
SIZE: 10 (5’6”)

Danger Sense
Equipment 5
Familiarity: Weapons
Mastery: Great Sword
Good Luck
Iron Will1
Thermo Vision
Star Light Vision
Toughened 6
Toughness 2
Kinetic Faculty 4
Conviction: Lolth

Armor Use: 4+2
Climbing 2+4
Evade 4+4
Fend 4+4
Jumping 2+4
Language: Feylous 4
Literacy: Feylous 4
Mathematics 4
Melee 4+4
Running 2+4
Sleight of Hand 1+4
Survival 2
Swimming 2+4


Lore: Under Dark 1
Lore: Dark religion 1
Lore: Military 4
Lore: Occult 1


Ryld is a Master of Melee-Magthere, the Drow School of combat. Having reached the highest position possible to a Drow not of noble blood, he’s resigned to guard his station for as long as his skills se
rve him. He is well associated with Phaurun Mizzrym, though their relationship could never be described as friendship, Drow don’t hold friendships. Ryld is a well trained fighter and carries an enchanted blade named “Splitter”. Ryld is one of the few members of this party who doesn’t have anything to find. His personality is blunt and to the point.

Ryld Argith

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